Perspective is crucial

Since this is my first post on this page, I thought I would start it off with my most recent piece. I actually just finished it today.


For anyone that watches Doctor Who, you will know exactly who this is. That’s not what I want to focus on with this piece though, and honestly, focus may be the wrong word for this. Instead of getting closer, let’s take a step back, because to truly appreciate this stitching, you really do need to view it from more of a distance.


See what a change of perspective can do? It looks good up close, but something about it is just a little odd. Maybe it’s the empty spots in the stitching, or the fact that you can clearly see each stitch. Whatever it is, when I look at it up close, it bothers me a bit. Then I hold it out, or take a few steps back, and everything sort of comes together. What was a bunch of colored thread suddenly turns into a portrait… no, a work of art. Sometimes a slight change of perspective is all that’s needed.


6 thoughts on “Perspective is crucial

  1. This is gorgeous! I’ve been doing other Doctor Who-related creative arts (mostly blogging, music, and fanfic) but I hadn’t even thought of doing cross-stitch. It’s a craft I haven’t done in a while, though I have tons of materials for it. What tools did you use to create the pattern?

    • It’s actually a pattern that was in CrossStitcher magazine in the UK. I managed to dig it up online the other day. I’ve done at least one other Doctor Who cross stitch that I did make the pattern for though, and I used a program called KGchart (it’s free!) to make it. Colors can be off using it so I just have to use my judgement most of the times, but it does get me in the ballpark!

      • Thanks! I’ll look it up! I’ve found a couple of other pattern programs, but didn’t feel like paying for them. I hope you’ll post your other DW cross stitch – would love to see it!

      • I don’t blame you. That’s one reason I went for KGchart… well that and the fact that I’m on a Mac. I actually do have the other Doctor Who cross stitch posted on my facebook page (, so feel free to check it out there! I’m trying to space them out here on the blog so I don’t run out of posts in two days, lol.

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